is founded by two friends who got stung by the entrepreneurship bug when they set out to visit Kanyakumari by road.

Like most friends, they had a common friends wedding to attend in Madurai and they have decided to go together to enjoy the festivities. The adventure began when they have planned to visit Kanyakumari by road right after the wedding.

The drive had cast a spell on them, this drive was one of the most beautiful scenic roads with numerous windmills enhancing the view. They got chatty about their passion to travel, and about their belief in local products and delicacies made in India. They realised that both of them are passionate to help these local people by giving them a chance to better their life by promoting their products.

During this trip, they figured out that a lot of people like them love to buy locally made products. But our metro cities are loaded with foreign produce and trying to find authentic indian products is like, wading through the ocean trying to find the way out.

Soon, the two were at the a souvenir shop, talking to the owner. There was a problem which they could solve! This was the beginning of Dosty. We got a little further into the journey and spoke to a lot of authentic manufacturers who supply quality products out of these remote locations. Both of them decided to take matters into their own hands and build business that could take on these challenges faced by the authentic vendors.

We had a few occasional moments of quiet before getting face whipped by COVID wave. Just like every business in the world. We had to wait until the wave settles a bit. Despite all the testing conditions, our mission has never changed. As a company we believe in win-win not only for us and the authentic manufacturing companies, but also customers who were now happy to receive parcels on time.