Sale price₹ 100
Weight: 100 gms
Content: Natural | Vegan
Packaging Type: Food grade packing


For these bite-sized pieces, we've carefully roasted gourmet coffee beans and covered them with our smooth, quality chocolate to create a deliciously sweet and crunchy treat. Our premium beans come from some of the best growing regions in Coorg, and each one is as carefully chosen and precisely roasted as the coffee we sell. For our gourmet chocolates, we select peaberry coffee beans. Smaller and denser than regular beans, they offer more concentrated flavor than typical beans. By choosing peaberries, Shanthi Coffee works ensures that each delicious bite of our coffee beans chocolate is an explosion of flavor. Discover the delightful crunch of coffee with Shanthi Coffee works. Our decades of experience, strong ties with producers, and obsession with quality allow us to source the region’s finest beans. As a chocolate maker, Shanthi Coffee works distinguishes itself by creating unique combinations of the finest ingredients. We use real fruits, nuts, and gourmet coffee to produce a wide variety of flavors and textures that appeal to all taste preferences.

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