Sale price₹ 100
Weight: 750 ml
Content: Natural | Vegan | Home-made
Packaging Type: Bottle


Pomogranate wine is a holiday staple often served by the punch-bowlful at cocktail parties. But what do you do now that the ornaments and garlands are packed away? There are still weeks of chilly temperatures and rain in the forecast, and a warm drink would sure hit the spot. This alcohol-free concoction has all the soothing spicy flavor without the fuzzy morning after, making it a perfect drink for weeknight sipping by the fire. Pomegranate juice works well as a healthy beverage due to its natural acidity, and the color doesn't hurt either. The bold spices pair nicely with the robust pomegranate flavor, where sweeter fruit juices would taste too much like a liquid dessert. The orange juice gently tames the tartness, making this aromatic beverage easy to drink before bed as an alternative to hot tea or warm milk. Just be careful not to doze off and drop the mug

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